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About Us

Consulting Services

My name is Brooke Rush and I am excited to pursue an active role in helping my previous customers with any of their construction projects. If you are considering a construction project and, are not sure how to get started with design work, give me a call. If you already have a project designed and, are not sure how to secure prices from a good local builder, give me a call. If you have already received prices on a project and, are not sure how to get the job done within your financial comfort level, give me a call.

Another area of consulting that has really proved to be very fulfilling is my business to business relationships. Working with other builders, vendors and manufacturing companies to help with systems management and project costing has helped theses companies save money & time. Setting up a system to to know your exact costs will allow you to know where the financial edge is before you step over it.


If you have any questions on how I can help you as your representative, I would be glad to explain what services I offer. Please feel free to forward my information to any of your contacts if you are aware of their need. All fractional services are charged on an as needed basis and you only pay for as much or as little as your project needs.


If you want access to my trade contacts or my 45 years of building experience and the comfort of knowing you have someone who has your best interests at heart, contact me. I look forward to working together.

Personal History

After graduating from Pennridge High School in 1976, I pursued a career in the construction field and have since completed numerous educational courses such as building science, sustainable building, business marketing, construction accounting, and computer science. I am a certified Thermal Technician and in Photovoltaic System installation.


After creating and managing a successful building business for over 40 years, I sold the business to H. Mininger & Son, Builders in Telford and maintain a good working relationship with them. After my three-year contract was up in 2021, I stepped back from full time employment. Since that time, I have stayed involved in construction and have helped many previous customers with their construction projects.

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