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Our job, as building professionals, is to make sure we identify the needs of our customer, design a project that meets those needs, and then see it through to completion. The finest compliment you can receive is to have a customer say that you have exceeded their expectations, and that they will be referring us to their family and friends. During and after the building process we are honored that our customers consider us as friends. Also, by working closely with our team members to make each project run as smoothly as possible, they too recommend us to their customers, family, and friends.


What our customers are saying:
Kitchen Renovation, Completed August 2017

"You kept right on schedule - according to my calendar on the fridge - (just kidding!)   The best quality of work from your guys and all of the subs.  Met or exceeded all expectations - you always go the extra mile.  My bathroom is next!"  Larry & Wanda G.

House Renovations, Completed July 2017

"Thanks Brooke!  We appreciate being able to call on someone we know and trust."  Judy H.

Two Story Addition & Renovation, Completed May 2017

"Wow!! I never imagined how many details went into the renovation of a house - and probably never would have attempted it if not for the faith Joe and I had that you would lead us through.  I hope you aren't crushed that I never cried! We have enjoyed being the antithesis of your "always" and know that you'll think of us everytime you tell someone "you've never done that"  We really cannot thank you or praise you enough - you do amazing work!!  We look forward to round two when Joe digs his second basement!  Warmly," Laura & Joe K. 

Two Story Addition & Renovation, In progress December 2016

"Merry Christmas!  You have done a wonderful job "destroying" our house!!  We can't wait to see you put it back together!  I promise to stop by soon with baked goods to compliment Wawa's coffee!" -Laura & Joe K. 

Garage & Studio Exercise Room, Completed July 2016

"Feryl Forever!  Excellent Subs. Spot on budget.  The quote is very solid.  I Love My Gym!!" -Roger E. & Laura F. 

In-law Suite Additon, Completed May 2016

"We were well satisfied with every aspect of the project - Brooke, Feryl, Mike, subs, etc.  Thank you!" -Susan L.

Basement Renovation, Completed March 2016

"Dear Brooke,  It is such a pleasure to work with DBR Builders.  Your team is friendly, fun and their craftsmanship is phenomenal.  Windows, doors, staircases and a master bath, we have been thrilled with every project.  Now we also have a beautiful, new basement!  The stonework and fireplace are gorgeous.  Every time we walk past our new downstairs family room, we look at each other and say, "Can you believe this is our house?"  We feel so blessed and cannot thank you enough for taking on smaller renovations amidst your larger projects.  Sincerely," -Chris & Megan F.

Rear Porch Addition, Completed February 2016

"Brooke, Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed working with DBR Builders. The design of the roof over our deck and the communication throughout the project were excellent.  Mike and Feryl had to deal with some nasty winter weather.  Even under adverse conditions the workmanship was outstanding.  Everyone worked hard to get things done just right. We are both very happy with all aspects of the project. Thanks men for a job well done.,"       - Bob and Lois M.

House Renovations, 10th anniversary of job completed May 2005

"Hi Brooke, As I was standing on the back porch, contemplating that Judy and I just celebrated our 10th Thanksgiving, and about to celebrate our 10th Christmas in our home. I had to write you and say thanks!Thanks for being a part of our project to restore our family home. Where my father and his 11 siblings were raised, fed , played, and learned at the feet of my grandparents.Right from the start, you connected to what the home was, and what we wanted to return it to. Your special intuitiveness about the restoration was an invaluable piece to a successful completion.So, Judy and I wanted to thank you, for we are as happy today as we were the day we moved in. By the way, we celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary the month we moved in, and just celebrated our 50th anniversary on Thanksgiving.Many thanks and best wishes to you and your family for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year! Blessings," - John and Judy H.


Master Suite Addition, completed September 2015

"DBR Builders just completed our dream master suite addition. With our architect, DBR listened to our vision, added their creativity, and built a beautiful and functional space for us to enjoy. My husband and I were impressed with the attention to detail, quality of work, and clear communication.  I have to admit, with three teenage girls I was apprehensive about having construction activity in the summer months. However, I didn't have to worry, DBR was highly professional and polite; they performed above my expectations. I highly recommend DBR and can't wait for our next project!" - John S. and Christine B.


Eating Area and Exterior Patio Addition , completed July 2015

"We love our addition and patio.  Thank you for the quality workmanship and attention to detail.  Enjoy the rest of your summer." - Kerry & Janet Y.


Renovation of two Bathrooms, completed August 2014

"Thanks so much. We love it. Our bathroom is now 100% our own. The doors to the patio are excellent.  Both bathrooms are gorgeous." - Jay R. & Meriam Z.


House Renovations, completed July 2014

"Just a note to thank you again for the fine work done at our home by DBR Builders this past summer. We are especially enjoying the bay window in our kitchen and we have had many compliments on it!" - Wayne & Gail S.


What our Team members say about us:


American Colonial Crown Mouldings - "Integrity is a word often used but seeing it at work is a true visual picture of actions that speak louder than words." Read more


Derstine Insulation Inc. - "I believe that Brooke's attention to detail is the key ingredient enabling us to consistently provide his customers with the most comfortable, economical and durable homes in the area." Read more


Donald Rush Painting Inc. - "I am writing this letter to express my thanks to you for being one of our best clients for over 28 years. We really appreciate the things you do to make working with you a pleasure." Read more


Good Plumbing Heating Air Conditioning Inc. - "His men are skilled craftsmen, showing a caring a courteous attitude to each new project. Brooke's experience in the building industry, along with his innovative ideas, makes him a leading choice when building or renovating a home ." Read more


John Moll Electric - "David Brooke Rush Builders is a professionally run, progressive organization which provides superior service to its clients by ensuring that all aspects of construction are completed at the highest level of quality possible." Read more


Ken Beer & Sons Excavating Inc. - "From a subcontractor's viewpoint, developing a project with David Brooke Rush Builders is a positive experience." Read more


Mayo Ceramic Tile & Marble - "He is everything one should expect from a top quality builder. Not only is he a decent and fair person, he is, more importantly, trustworthy, organized, punctual and incredibly detailed orientated." Read more


Penn Valley Gas - "Brooke's commitment to the complete package sets him apart from others in his field. He holds anyone working with him to a high standard and that is reflected in his completed projects." Read more


Richard Souder Masonry Inc. - "Attention to detail is evident throughout the project, from the blueprints to completion of the job. Under your supervision, each subcontractor is able to complete their portion of the project in a smooth and timely manner." Read more


Roger S. Wright Furniture, LTD. - "We have worked with numerous contractors over the years, and have found that DBR Builders projects have been extremely well organized and are consistently on schedule." Read more 


Shelly Enterprises - "Brooke is one of a select few business owners that I believe truly excel at their craft. I do not say this with any reservation, as I have, over the past twenty five years, observed hundreds of building companies. What sets Brooke apart? His company is run like no other small construction firm I know. His men are highly skilled and well trained, his systems for his office, field staff, and construction methods are well defined and followed, the customer is consulted in a formal manner during all phases, and the job is well thought out and executed at every step. In other words, quality and efficiency follow naturally; not haphazardly. Brooke has also spent much of his career as a student of his craft, and can be considered an expert in his field by many measures. Brooke has a thorough knowledge of best construction practices, building systems, green building, and materials selection. He is truly a leader in the industry, and I am privileged to continue to work with him." - T.C. Feick, Salesman


Wright Flooring Company, Inc. - "You can depend on David Brooke Rush Builders to give you quality workmanship not only from his employees as well as the subcontractors that he uses."

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