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The Concept

The first step with any project is to develop a concept. This exciting process should address all of the present & future needs and dreams of you and your family. Looking through magazines & plan books and driving through your neighborhood to look at similar homes are ways to help define your tastes. Another resource for ideas is the internet. Some web sites that offer a variety of styles are,, & Once you have a concept in mind, the next step is to set your financial comfort level.


Financial Comfort Level

Now is the time to see if your dreams equal the amount you choose to invest. This is where DBR Construction Consulting, LLC will help you to develop concept drawings for your project. Concept drawings include helping you formulate a wish list, and by using Chief Architect, develop a scaled 3-D Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) from that list. You will receive a copy of these drawings along with textured 3D views of any of the interior or exterior spaces. Also, you can download the Chief Architect Viewer program and review your project at your convenience. Included will be a budget to compare to your investment budget. The cost of this service varies depending on the type, size, and scope of the project.


Architect & Builder Selection

The concept has form and a budget, now comes the time to complete construction blueprints and selection of a builder. The cost of blueprints will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. Construction blueprints will typically include engineered dimensioned floor plans for each floor, exterior elevations, and cross sections in order to show construction details. The construction blueprints allow complete building specifications to be determined, along with an accurate estimate. We work with some of the best architects and interior designers in the area, who will help you through this step.

It is also time to select your builder to help with accurate concept pricing to make sure that the beautiful drawings of the designers does not exceed your financial comfort level. The selection of the builder will be one of the most important decisions to ensure a successful project. This should be a company who you trust to offer accurate budget pricing during the entire design phase. A company who can offer value added engineering to keep the design on budget. Most importantly, a company who you feel comfortable will provide excellent communication to navigate the waters of the upcoming construction.


Building the Dream

The design is realized, the estimate is done, the agreement is signed, and the permits are secured. Before your project even begins, DBR Construction Consulting, LLC will work with your builder to offer a complete construction schedule using Microsoft Project and have your project all planned out. Using critical path scheduling ensures that your project is completed in the shortest time frame possible and still maintain the highest levels of quality you deserve.


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